Dogs and Social Networking

March 17th, 2011 by admin

Dogs and Social Networking

Dogs and social networking are two incredibly popular phenomena, one old, and one new, so it only makes sense that the two will have some interactions. Out of all dog owners, over half (55 percent) have one dog, 32 percent have two, another 8 percent own three dogs, 3 percent own four, and 2 percent own more than four. Fourteen percent of dog owners have created Facebook accounts for their computer-savvy canines, and maybe the internet is going to the dogs, since most of these dogs have more than 25 friends.

Flickr and Twitter are less popular with dogs, however, since only 6 percent of canines have an account with each service. However, 27 percent of pet owners report their dog has their own Youtube channel. Some pet owners even report that social networking has impacted their dog’s perception of the world!

When dog owners are asked whether they’d rather keep their dog or a piece of modern technology, most people reply they’d rather have the dog. However, 26 percent would rather have their cell phone, 29 percent would keep their laptop, 38 percent would prefer the Internet, and a mere 7 percent consider Facebook more important.

Everyone loves to walk their dog, but only 53 percent of dog owners pick up their dog’s poop every time. Twenty-five percent say they do on most occasions, 9 percent stated that they did only rarely, and 13 percent never do.

When asked how much money they spend on their dog each year, 35 percent said they paid $500 to $1000 annually to pamper their pup. 1 percent even reported spending more than $10,000, but only 19 percent spent less than $500. Of this money spent, 56 percent said they spent the most money on food and treats, 21 percent said vet bills, 9 percent said clothing and accessories, and the rest spent the most on “other” products.

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