How Much does your Pet Eat

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Pet Food Costs by Pet

How Much does your Pet Eat?

This infographic lists several sets of statistics related to pet ownership in the UK. The numbers specifically break down the trends in spending per year on pet food, accessories, and even Christmas presents. This information would be of particular interest to a veterinary technician or to someone considering a vet tech career. Students at a vet tech school are advised to keep current on these types of trends in order to have a good idea of the pet clientele they will be helping to care for once finished with school.

According to the infographic, 43% of UK households have at least one pet. Fish are the most popular, followed by dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, horses, and turtles. Over 50 million pet fish are in UK households, as opposed to 8 million dogs and cats combined. Interestingly, the average household spending on prepared food for both dogs and cats has increased by 6% since 2007. Christmas gifts for pets are also frequently purchased items, with earnings of £2 bn in a given year. Pet accessories posted yearly sales of £647 m in 2008, with 21% of that amount spent on food and storage, 32% on pet care products, and 37% on pet toys. An additional 8% was spent on items such as dog leashes and collars.

An interesting point for a vet tech to note relates to insurance claims for dogs. Larger dog breeds such as labradors, retrievers, and rottweilers made up some of the most frequent claims by breed. Other breeds that made this list included English cocker spaniels and alsatians. A knowledgeable veterinary technician is aware of certain health concerns for larger dog breeds that can be the root causes of more insurance claims. Educating owners of these dog breeds about these health issues is good for the dogs, the owners, and the veterinary practice. Insurance statistics for cats are not included, though the infographic does mention that 92% of the cats in UK households in 2008 were mixed or non-pedigree breeds.

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