The facts about rhino poaching

July 8th, 2011 by rebeccac

The effect of poaching on the world’s rhinoceros population has been devastating. They are killed for their horn, which is rumored to do everything from cure typhoid to make you more fertile, but their horn has no true medicinal value. These magnificent creatures die for what amounts to a substance no more beneficial than the human toenail.

Outrageous amounts are paid for ground rhino horn. A kilo is currently worth twice the price of gold. Buyers refuse to admit that there is no medicinal value to this folk medicine.

Both the Black Rhino and the larger White Rhino (both which are actually gray) are endangered. Hunters use M99, one drop of which could kill a human. This powerful substance can bring down both types of rhinos despite their massive size. At least 333 of the multi-ton beasts were killed in South Africa last year alone.

Fewer than 2,800 exist in the wild, and estimates show that if the current poaching remains unchecked, then by 2031 there will be no more rhinos. Although vets and vet techs take good care of those living in research facilities and zoos, the rhino won’t be saved without an educated public, which is one of the goals of a good veterinary technician school.

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Veterinary technician college prepares people to become active members of the animal care community. A degree from vet tech college or a vet tech school can prepare you for a wonderful career assisting in veterinarian offices. More importantly, for endangered species like the rhino, veterinary technician school can prepare you to work for zoos or research facilities where skilled help is needed.

The battle to stop poaching is fought in Africa, but it needs more knowledgeable people all over the world. Getting a degree from a vet tech college can help. Vet tech school has prepared many people to be part of the solution. Is it time for you to get a veterinary technician college degree?

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