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Are you a born leader or someone who enjoys leadership roles? A degree in Business Administration and Management can get you the education you need to manage large groups of employees. Students will need solid communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. They should also like thinking about the big picture — not just about a whole company, but about how that company interacts with larger forces such as the economy. Most graduates will continue on to their Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree which can further prepare a manager for advancement in any business field. Courses include business math, finance, economics, marketing and personnel supervision. There are other courses that will also improve a manager's ability to respond to the changing business environment, as well as specialized courses in the management of particular businesses: retail, manufacturing, even public service. If you are looking forward to the challenge of business administration and management, go to US College Search to find business administration and management colleges in your area; how to pick the best business administration classes and degrees, learn the most frequently asked business administration and management questions, also watch videos about the business administration and management field, so you can get a firsthand look at what your future might hold.