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The field of graphic design is becoming increasingly important in today's media driven world, making this an excellent career choice for those interested in graphic media and design. Becoming a professional graphic designer usually requires at least a bachelor's degree. Most full-time students can obtain such a degree after approximately four years. Modern graphic design courses also demand a high degree of computer literacy, especially courses involving CGI or other computer-generated artwork. Finally, many graphic design programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, ensuring that the students will receive a high quality education.

Graphic designers work with a wide variety of media, ranging from print media to interactive computer entertainment software. Among the most common careers for graphic designers are the following:

  • Developing graphic art for advertising and public relations purposes.
  • Layout and graphic design for book covers and interiors.
  • Developing and implementing effects and graphic designs for computer games or other interactive media.
  • Providing specialized graphic design services for individual clients.
  • Providing art and graphic effects for movie and TV productions.

Graphic Design Careers & Compensation in California

Currently the job market in California has a wide range of career opportunities for graphics designers. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles are major entertainment industry sectors and thus have a growing demand for skilled graphic designers, especially in the computer gaming and movie production sectors. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that California currently employees more graphic designers than any other state. Graphic designers can expect excellent compensation, with the annual mean wage in California being over $57,000.

Compelling graphic design has become central to the success of a wide variety of businesses. Whether it is as a graphic designer developing effective advertisements or a computer graphic design artist who is focused on developing a cutting edge computer game at a firm in Silicon Valley, professionals in this field can expect to enjoy excellent compensation and working conditions. For those seeking a field that enables them to share their creativity with the rest of the world, becoming a professional graphic designer is an excellent personal and professional choice.

California Graphic Design Colleges

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California Colleges and Universities

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Choosing the best California Graphic Design School: Hints

Tip 1: Determine what you might like to learn or major in at college. You dont need to have a solution here - most 1st year students are "undeclared" -- however if you do know, then you will be able to search for colleges that feature a program that corresponds your pursuit.

Tip 2: Grow a listings of specifications you want to use to evaluate and comb out California Graphic Design schools. There are lots of possible specifications, such as programs provided, major programs and minor degrees, location, costs, sizing, caliber, respectedness, ranking, positioning record, staff size, and others...

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Tip 6: Travel to the California Graphic Design schools on your lists from Tip 5. Ideally you should travel to every California Graphic Design university on your small listing, but if you cannot inspect it in person, get a video or take a virtual tour.

Tip 7: Apply to the colleges that are favorites after the first six tips. Carefully fill out the applications and file them to the California Graphic Design universities.

Tip 8: While you're waiting to hear from the schools you applied to, start to page through the books or the Internet to find subsidizations. There can be masses of resources to find scholarship resources.

Tip 9: Make the final decision from amongst the California Graphic Design universities that accepted you. For sure the toughest decision of all. . . be certain to view all your notes, analize the financing bundles, and make your last decision!

Tip 10:Best of Luck! Enjoy your College experience!