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As you begin your search for the right college, your first concern may be what you plan to study. If you are interested in a college degree in business, it wouldn't be helpful to apply to an art school. Some schools excel at preparing students for careers in business or the healthcare field. Others are better suited to liberal arts programs, for students who want a more well-rounded education.

Many students entering college are not set on a career yet. That's okay, too. But consider what field interests you. For instance, if you like working with technology, you might be interested in a college degree program in the field of computers. Later, after you begin your studies, you may narrow your field of interest to computer electronics, programming or web design.

If you have an idea of what field you want to study, this is the search for you. Begin by picking a major that interests you. You'll be able to narrow your college degree search by specific program listings, state and city.

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