Denver Technical College At Colorado Springs

Address: 225 S Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80910

Phone: (719) 632-3000

Type of college: 4-year private, for-profit

Degree types offered:Less than one year, One but less than two years, Associate's, Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate
Accounting And Finance
Architectural Drafting
Business Administration And Management
Business General
Computer And Information Sciences General
Computer Programming
Electrical / Electronics Drafting
Electrical Electronic / Communications Engineer
Electrocardiograph Technology / Technician
Health Professions And Related Sciences
Health System / Health Services Administration
Information Sciences And Systems
Medical Assistant
Medical Office Management
Medical Transcription
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Pharmacy Technician / Assistant
Physical Therapy Assistant
Sport And Fitness Administration / Management
Systems Science And Theory

Classification: Baccalaureate/Associate's Colleges: These institutions are undergraduate colleges where the majority of conferrals are at the subbaccalaureate level (associate's degrees and certificates), but bachelor's degrees account for at least ten percent of undergraduate awards.
2004 - 2007 Enrollment
Total enrollment
Undergraduate enrollment
Percent of undergraduate enrollment by gender

Percent of undergraduate enrollment by race/ethnicity

Non-resident alien
Black non-Hispanic
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Asian or Pacific Islander
White non-Hispanic

Enrollment by Gender
Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

Denver Technical College at Colorado Springs information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation.

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