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Graphic design degrees are a type of art degree blended with aspects of customer relations, communication and technology. Most graphic design positions expect a bachelors degree although it may be possible to freelance with only an associates degree. During the course of the program students should develop a professional portfolio of their work for presentation. Most clients or employers choose designers based on their portfolio presentation.

A graphic designer is an artist who uses digital mediums to create pleasing visual representations for organizations or businesses. A graphic designer may create unique logos or symbols to represent a group and may be responsible for the much of the art-design for their marketing or presentation materials. A graphic designer may do some art drafts on paper with more traditional materials like pencils or paint, but the final product is almost always produced with computer programs.

Graphic Design Career Opportunities & Compensation in Florida

Designers may work for only a single company designing material for that company or they may work for a company which contracts with multiple companies to provide graphic design services. Freelancing is also popular among graphic designers. In 2010 an estimated 29% were self-employed. In Florida, graphic designers are most likely to find jobs in metropolitan areas with strong business economies. Orlando and West Palm Beach represent two of the richest job sources. Both locations had above average employment levels for graphic designers and wages above average for the state. State-wide, Florida has average employment prospects for graphic designers compared to the rest of the country.

Salary and Employment Averages:

Florida State Statistics:

  • Average Annual Salary: $43,390
  • Job Location Quotient: 1.00
  • Total Number Employed: 10,700

Orlando Metropolitan Area Statistics:

  • Average Annual Salary: $46,300
  • Job Location Quotient: 1.20
  • Total Number Employed: 1,740

West Palm Beach Metropolitan Area Statistics:

  • Average Annual Salary: $45,660
  • Job Location Quotient: 1.24
  • Total Number Employed: 920

Job outlooks for graphic designers are expected to grow 13% by 2020. The demand for skilled graphic designers is high and competition for senior positions cut-throat, but a high job turnover in lower positions means freshly graduated candidates can easily get a foot in the door. This job's remarkable freelance ability may also be attractive to independent thinkers or entrepreneurial graduates.

All statistics were derived from the following BLS website pages:
Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2011
Bls.gov - Graphic Designers - Occupational Outlook Handbook

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