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Michigan is an excellent place to seek an education in graphic design and supports a number of graphic design schools. Overall, Michigan has 45 public and 65 private institutions of higher learning. The state is also home to many vocational and technical schools. Search through the list of colleges below and find the graphic design college that best meets your needs.

A degree in graphic design prepares the graduate to create visuals for businesses, private organizations and other consumers. These designs may be created using a variety of media by hand or by using computer software. They help designate organizations by creatively using color and images in logo designs and advertising. The time needed to complete a degree in graphic design varies. Generally, an Associate' degree program of study can be completed in about two years. A Bachelor's degree in graphic arts may take from 38 months to four years. 

Graphic Design Career Opportunities & Compensation

The majority of graphic arts related jobs available in Michigan will require a Bachelor's degree. Graduates can establish careers in and around Flint, Detroit and other areas across the state. The following list shows the typical jobs that are likely to be available for graduates with a degree in graphic arts. 

  • Advertising and marketing manager
  • Art director
  • Craft and fine arts
  • Desktop publisher
  • Drafter
  • Web developer
  • Computer systems design

A degree in graphic arts could also lead to a career as an instructor in secondary and post secondary educational institutions. However, the majority of graduates find employment as specialized designers or employment in advertising and public relations. These graphic designers often work in teams for firms. They may telecommute with colleagues world-wide to collaborate on projects. Pay will depend on the type of degree, skills and experience. In 2010 it was reported that the average median income was $43,500 with ten percent earing over $76,000 In the past decade, the number of graphic designers that are self-employed has grown.As of 2010, at least 29 percent earned their income with freelance work. 

The world of freelance work offers a multitude of opportunities for graphic arts related work. With today's technology, freelancing seems to be gaining in popularity. Computer soft wear programs are available that allow the graphic designer to create material from logos to websites. Although freelancers do not have to check their own credentials for employment, training in graphic arts is necessary. Having a degree will give the freelancer the security of being able to locate a job with a firm, even if only part time.

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Michigan Colleges and Universities

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Choosing the best Michigan Graphic Design School: Hints

Tip 1: Determine what you might like to learn or major in at college. You dont need to have a solution here - most 1st year students are "undeclared" -- however if you do know, then you will be able to search for colleges that feature a program that corresponds your pursuit.

Tip 2: Grow a listings of specifications you want to use to evaluate and comb out Michigan Graphic Design schools. There are lots of possible specifications, such as programs provided, major programs and minor degrees, location, costs, sizing, caliber, respectedness, ranking, positioning record, staff size, and others...

Tip 3: Compose a list of possible colleges and universities. There can be masses of resources to aid you to grow a listings of possible Michigan Graphic Design colleges.

Tip 4: Pile up all of your resources and resources about every university you're considering. Go to every education website and pile up the necessary resources.

Tip 5: Employ the criteria from Tip 2 to tighten your group of colleges to a more modest number. Get the listing down to a range you are comfortable with.

Tip 6: Travel to the Michigan Graphic Design schools on your lists from Tip 5. Ideally you should travel to every Michigan Graphic Design university on your small listing, but if you cannot inspect it in person, get a video or take a virtual tour.

Tip 7: Apply to the colleges that are favorites after the first six tips. Carefully fill out the applications and file them to the Michigan Graphic Design universities.

Tip 8: While you're waiting to hear from the schools you applied to, start to page through the books or the Internet to find subsidizations. There can be masses of resources to find scholarship resources.

Tip 9: Make the final decision from amongst the Michigan Graphic Design universities that accepted you. For sure the toughest decision of all. . . be certain to view all your notes, analize the financing bundles, and make your last decision!

Tip 10:Best of Luck! Enjoy your College experience!