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The field of architecture is one that is expected to enjoy an annual growth rate of 16 percent between now and 2018. There are 117 schools in the United States that are recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, including more than a dozen in Minnesota. Students who graduate from architecture colleges in Minnesota may seek careers as an architectural designer, urban planner, landscape and construction manager, land surveyor and numerous other positions. The salary range for all positions is between $40,000 and $100,000.

Architecture schools in Minnesota teach students a broad background of theory, design and history in order to prepare them for careers in this field. After students at architecture colleges in Minnesota have obtained this knowledge, they may choose to enter the field immediately or go on to more advanced studies. Those who choose to further their education will delve into construction and building codes, project and site planning and design influences.

There are many factors for potential students to consider while evaluating architecture schools in Minnesota. As of 2010, the average cost for one year of college in an architectural program was $10,000. While cost is a large determining factor for most students, program quality and convenience are just as important. Students with obligations such as a full-time job and a family to care for may need the flexibility that comes with taking courses online. Future students should also consider the college's graduation rate as well as the percentage of students who found jobs in their chosen career field.

Before seeking work in the field of architecture, new graduates should obtain licensure through the Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Architecture Design. This is the state licensing board that many customers use in order to determine if the professional they are considering hiring is licensed.

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Minnesota Colleges and Universities

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Choosing the right Minnesota Architecture School: Hints

Tip 1: Ascertain what you may like to learn or major in at college. You don't need to find a firm knowledge here - most 1st year students are "undeclared" -- however if you do know, then you will be able to search for schools that feature a program that meets your interest.

Tip 2: Have a listings of specifications you wish to use to measure and comb out Minnesota Architecture colleges. There are masses of potential specifications, such as degrees provided, major programs and minor curricula, location, costs, size, caliber, reputation, ranking, placement record, staff sizing, and others...

Tip 3: Collect a list of potential colleges and universities. There are dozens of resources to assist you to grow a listings of potential Minnesota Architecture universities.

Tip 4: Gather all of the information and facts on every vocational school you are looking at. Go to each college internet site and assemble the necessary info.

Tip 5: Apply the specifications from Tip 2 to trim back your listing of colleges to a manageable total. Get the group down to a total you are comfy with.

Tip 6: Travel to the Minnesota Architecture colleges on your listings from Tip 5. Ideally you should inspect any Minnesota Architecture school on your small listings, but if you cannot inspect it personally, get a video or view a virtual tour.

Tip 7: Apply to the schools that met your criteria after the first 6 tips. Carefully finish the applications and submit them to the Minnesota Architecture colleges.

Tip 8: While you're waiting to get word from the schools you applied to, start to scroll through the books or the Internet to find financing. There can be masses of resources to find scholarship data.

Tip 9: Make the final selection from amongst the Minnesota Architecture colleges that o.K.ed you. For sure the most grueling determination of all. . . be sure to review all your notes, examin the financial aid packets, and make your last conclusion!

Tip 10:Good Luck! These tips should help you locate the best college.