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When growing up, we all have dreams of what we will do after high school or college. We pretend to be police officers or firefighters, race car drivers or airline pilots.

As we get older, we extend our dreams to consider the careers we could start. We discuss job descriptions and look at the perks of different careers. We think about the working conditions in a doctor's office or a factory. We weigh the prestige of a professional career with the freedom of an artistic one.

Deciding what career to pursue is often a lifelong endeavor. Often, we think of what we love to do, and consider whether we have what it takes to do it for a living. Some people grow up with a talent for music or a desire to care for animals, and turn that passion into a career. Others need more time to hear their calling.

If you haven't decided on a career, it might be beneficial to examine some job descriptions and see what people in these careers actually do. Each includes information about the nature of the work; training, other qualifications, and advancement; employment; job outlook; projections data and earnings.

U.S. College Search is happy to provide this occupational guide filled with career descriptions from over 250 different jobs. These free job descriptions are provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.



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